Landlords insurance, tenant referencing and rent guarantee, buildings and contents insurance from Citydeal Estates West London letting agent

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Landlords Insurance

As a responsible Agent, Citydeal Estates wants to ensure that our Landlords are adequately protected and covered for the purposes of letting, including the latest guaranteed rent products.

Referencing and Rent Guarantee

Selecting the right tenant is essential for a successful let. Citydeal Estates have access to an exclusive range of tenant referencing products to ensure that your investment is safeguarded. From a simple credit check through to a full reference and rent guarantee, Rentguard appraise tenants to ensure that they are suited to the home that they decide to rent. Their products offer peace of mind at a reasonable cost.

Buildings Insurance, Contents Insurance & Legal Cover

Adequate insurance is essential to protect your investment and give you complete peace of mind. Recent figures highlight that 50% of all rented property is either NOT insured or has a policy which excludes letting? Will your property be fully covered if the unexpected happens? Via our association with Rentguard we are able to provide specialised protection, and would ask you to take a few moments of your time to ensure you are properly covered.

The range of Rentguard products can be purchased via Citydeal Estates direct or online. For further information please click on the logo below, which includes comprehensive information. By completing the details and arranging payment you can become insured immediately. However if you need further information or help, do not hesitate to contact our office.

For a quote, please click on the Rentguard logo below: